Vehicle adaptable generators

AYERBE Industrial de Motores S.A. continues to develop specially manufactured generators, among which stand out generators adaptable to vehicles, trucks with container platforms, roadside assistance vans, caravans, buses …
This range of special generators is dimensioned directly to each vehicle, studying all the options in dimensions, power supply by its own tank or the vehicle’s, exhaust conduction, integrated or separate control panel, radio frequency starting, etc … The type of anti-vibration mounts for each case is also studied, in order to avoid transmission of vibrations to the vehicle chassis.
Recently, special AYERBE generators have been incorporated into an important chain of advertising vehicles with uninterrupted electrical power needs, combined with an autonomous storage system.
The great advantages of these special AYERBE generators are their low noise level and their power demand start management that leads to a reduction in overall consumption by more than 60% than a traditional system.
This year 2021 AYERBE has started the development of new compact models, all water-cooled with latest generation alternators that provide a highly stable power and frequency ratio. Likewise, the development of new portable gasoline models from 2.5 to 6 KVA to be installed in motorhomes is under study, which can be used both in the vehicle and separately. Remote control start-up and on-demand management are incorporated as standard throughout this range.
The manufacturer AYERBE continues to evolve and maintain innovation as a primary basis to stay in the market.

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