We have 10,000 m² of facilities and we supply products to 32 countries

Manufacturers since 1.992

AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES, S.A. started to manufacture power generators back in 1992 and is currently a leading company in Spain in the generator market from 2 to 500 KVA.

AYERBE products are designed and developed according to our top-quality principles. Our motto claims that THE BEST CAN STILL BE IMPROVED.

Through our wide manufacturing experience, we have obtained high-performance successful products which satisfy our clients and build loyalty. We apply high technology solutions and ongoing innovation to our product manufacturing. Our sales network and our technical team guide our clients and inform them on our new products and solutions.

We pay special attention to our after-sale service and provide efficient customer care aimed at monitoring the product along its useful life. Producing is more than manufacturing; that’s why we satisfy our clients.
We define our success in terms of our clients’ success.


The best is surmountable

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