The manufacturer of Generators Ayerbe Industrial de Motores S.A. has started the promotion of the new range of Generators aimed at the agricultural sector powered by the tractor engine. These types of solutions are widely used in rural areas, taking advantage of the tractor’s power take-off to generate energy in a simple and economical way. type of agricultural operations can use this type of solution, but it is in poultry and livestock farms, where they are used as an emergency generator in power cuts of the electrical network. In the same way they are used as a mobile generator in pumping, welding or lighting jobs in places where only a tractor can have access. This type of solution has important advantages, savings, if we compare it with a traditional generator and the lack of maintenance.

Ayerbe presents in its 2021 Catalog five models that reach powers from 16 KVA to 45 KVA depending on the needs of each use, or according to the tractor available.

All models are equipped with an Italian Sincro alternator, magnetothermic protection, voltmeter, frequency meter and auxiliary bases.

Industrial supplies and hardware stores in agricultural areas have a high demand for this type of TFT Generators (tractor power take-off).

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