New series of diesel generators YANMAR 6 KVA

The manufacturer of Generators Ayerbe Industrial de Motores S.A. is presenting to the market its new line of 6 KVA diesel soundproof generators with YANMAR engine in single-phase and three-phase voltages. The development of this new series began at the beginning of this year to complete the range in gasoline and gas with power up to 15 KVA.
In the manufacture of this line of generators, a sound level close to 93 dB in acoustic power and 67 dB in sound pressure has been achieved.
The new soundproof cabin is equipped with a double silencer chamber that, together with the internal air conduction, generates one of the lowest sound levels in the European market. It also provides convenient access to the engine, alternator and control panel, facilitating the correct maintenance of the generator.
In this YANMAR range the external signal controller is incorporated as standard, allowing the management of the different starts, the monitoring of the entire group by PLC or by telephone.
These special generators are aimed above all at supporting photovoltaic systems, automatic start-up installations due to grid failure, emergencies and special sectors such as the marine, port or explosive environment areas.
The Ayerbe company continues to invest in technology and innovation, pursuing its motto “the best is surmountable”. Accumulated sales at the beginning of October of this year reflect a growth of 37% thanks to the demand of the Hardware, Industrial Supplies and Construction Supplies sectors.

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