AYERBE new range of electro-hydraulic tools


The manufacturer of Generating Sets AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES S.A. presents in its 2021 and WEB catalog a new range of Electro Hydraulic Tools aimed at the Industry, Construction and Rescue sectors.
This range of products made in Italy are of very high quality, required for the jobs in which it is used.
Four product families are incorporated.
– Electro hydraulic shears specially designed for construction and industry.
– Portable punching machines aimed at the industry and at improving production processes in non-standardized manufacturing.
– Electro-hydraulic bodies adaptable to different interchangeable heads for cutting, bending, straightening, cutting electrical cable up to 150 mm sections.
– Multifunction cutting and separating shears, intended for rescue, demolition, dismantling of works, in which a flexible, adequate and controlled power, free of spark is required.

The success achieved by these products has been greatly influenced by the ease achieved in handling these portable tools.
The incorporation of battery power in this electro-hydraulic range is quite recent worldwide and has meant a great advance in maneuverability, considerably increasing its demand.
All these machines are capable of working with a pressure of up to 720 bar (1,040 PSI) and in the high-power industrial cutting function they reach up to 65 tons.
Fire stations, army, civil guard, construction and industry are sectors that use these machines with some frequency through industrial and construction supplies.

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