On November 13 and 14, the Logistics & Distribution Fair was held in Ifema Madrid, with 400 exhibitors and 4,500 professionals attending.
The generator set Ayerbe Industrial de Motores S.A. presented at the fair its latest developments in handling machinery. He highlighted the new range of Eleqtra Electric Pallet Trucks, with a lithium battery and a load capacity of 1,200 kg, 1,500 kg, and 2,000 kg.
The new 1,200 kg Electric Stacker, equipped with a lithium battery, with a height of 2,900 mm and 3,600 mm, also generated numerous inquiries.
Ayerbe’s maintenance range is growing considerably thanks to the interest it is generating in the hardware and industrial supply sector.
This fair has become an essential reference in intralogistics storage, automation and maintenance. In the two days of the fair, workshops were held on the main challenges and trends in the logistics of mass consumption and e-commerce.
Ayerbe recently participated in the Fruit Attraction fair, where he presented his new Fruit Pallet Trucks, both manual and electric.

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