The GEN SETS manufacturer  Ayerbe Industrial de Motores, S.A. has participated once again in the most important Construction Fair in the world that brings together the most prestigious international manufacturers in the construction sector.
The Batimat Paris 4-8 event was attended by 340,000 professionals and 1,700 exhibitors, a real success.
Ayerbe presented its new line of Soundproofing Renting Generators, specially designed for Rental and Construction Supplies. He also exhibited the LEDS Light Tower of mechanical elevation with generator set supported by solar panels to reduce energy consumption. Among the novelties highlighted the “Ayerbe Construction Tripods” with solid steel masts that can reach a height of 9 meters and are provided with 4 LEDS spotlights of 200 W. each.
The company from Vitoria, which started manufacturing generators in 1990, pursues its presence in international fairs to increase its presence in more countries and increase the volume of exports, currently it is already present in 40 countries.
Recently Ayerbe Industrial has participated with its Handling products in Fruit Atraction and Logistics & Distribution.
Next February 25-29 2020 Ayerbe will exhibit at FIMA, Zaragoza, the most important agricultural fair in Spain. Recently they have developed special generators for irrigation by pivot and agricultural activities, machinery that will be presented at the fair.

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