AYERBE, manufacturer of Generator Sets, and Construction Machinery, has just launched a new Wood Saw Table Mod. AY315 MN on the market. This table is designed for work supporting formwork, cutting boards and wood in general. It has a cutting height of 85 mm at 90º and 60 mm at 45º.

Easily transportable, with a metal disc cover and equipped with a 2,000 w single-phase motor, it is the product that complements the AYERBE Construction line, which includes the ranges of Compaction, soil treatment and asphalt and concrete cutters, and hoists for lifting cable.

The construction sector is growing significantly, and AYERBE intends to continue developing innovations for this market. These sawing tables continue to be present in the daily work of small and medium-sized builders for the preparation of wooden structures for concreting.

Ayerbe is also developing a new line of cutting tables, both made of wood and ceramic, which will be presented at the end of this year.

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