The manufacturer of generating sets AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES, S.A. has developed a new line of light wire rope cranes and chain hoists, increasing its range of industrial lifting both wire rope and chain. Within the cable line, two new 200 kg crane format elevators have been incorporated. with elevation of 18 m. and 300 kg. with elevation of 25 m. that cover the format demanded by the construction for the medium work.
These elevators are associated with their corresponding supports, both in coupling for scaffolding, in the case of the 200 kg crane. and the column support plus bipod for both teams. With these two models, all cable lifting needs are covered, from 100 to 950 kg.
Likewise, through the manufacturer GIS, which AYERBE distributes exclusively for Spain, all chain lifting from 250 kg is covered. to 6,300 kg. adaptable to all lifting capacity and height needs. The Swiss manufacturer GIS is the European leader in electric chain lifting equipment.

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