AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES, S.A. It has been developing generator sets aimed at supporting photovoltaic solar energy for several years, the national demand for these special generators has increased remarkably.
The generator set is a fundamental support element in any type of autonomous installation, or as a security element in solar farms, always maintaining a separate line to control alarms and surveillance cameras.
Ayerbe in its range of Gasoline generators, both in open or soundproof versions, allows installations up to 20 KVA to be addressed, with independent inverter control. In the same way, Diesel generator sets at 1500 rpm, from 10 to 40 KVA are the most requested for medium-sized installations.
Ayerbe includes, as an option, an automatic control panel that allows the monitoring of all the parameters of the group, and the events of the installation. In this type of system it is necessary to have the data at the moment, these options allow to give orders by telephone, by direct signal or to control the data by means of a computer.
It is expected that in the year 2030, 35% of the world’s electricity will be obtained from renewable energies such as solar, which has a promising future, offering among its benefits the non-emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere and economic savings. Sunlight is a resource that is available in all countries of the world to a greater or lesser extent and Spain is clearly a privileged country in this source of energy.

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