The generator set manufacturer AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES, S.A. continues to develop its HANDLING product line (manual and electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, hydraulic tables, hand trucks…).

AYERBE presents in the 2022 catalog the range of walk-behind and mounted operator industrial scrubber-dryers, the two most demanded models in this market.
These scrubber-dryers for industrial use are the most advantageous solution for efficient cleaning of all types of spaces. Reliable and easy to use, AYERBE scrubber dryers save time, water and costs with excellent cleaning results.

Walk-behind scrubber dryers. The ideal cleaning option for smaller spaces such as shops, supermarkets, hospitals and residences. Reliable and easy to use, in addition to the economic profitability they provide.

Seated operator scrubbers. The best option for cleaning large spaces. Greater performance, more surface in less time. Especially suitable for shopping malls, factories, logistics warehouses, stations, airports, car parks…
AYERBE sit-down scrubber-dryers stand out for their innovative technology that manages to reduce energy expenditure and save on water consumption.
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