The manufacturer of Power Generators AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES SA, began the diversification to other product lines in 2002. Maintenance & Lifting has been without a doubt the machinery that has achieved the most success in the hardware sector, industrial supplies and construction supplies .

Electric and manual hoists, cable and chain hoists, winches, travel trolleys, lightweight bridge cranes and lifting accessories complete a professional range that aims to achieve leadership in the sector.

The support of the leading European manufacturer GIS, which AYERBE distributes exclusively, has greatly helped the development of AYERBE Lifting Equipment. AYERBE technicians attend courses organized by the Swiss manufacturer every year.

In terms of quality control, all machines are thoroughly tested and subjected to rigorous control in compliance with the most demanding Europas standards. The AYERBE after-sales service is behind each product and guarantees it throughout its working life. The great Novelty in the cable lift that AYERBE incorporates to its entire range of hoists is the Radio Frequency Remote Control. With this revolutionary system it facilitates the cargo handling and safety is increased by eliminating the risk of cargo falling near the operator, avoiding a clear risk of a work accident.

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