Ayerbe Industrial de Motores S.A., presents the Industrial Hardware-Supply sector with a new range of Generators equipped with the Kiotsu motors that AYERBE has been assembling in light machinery for twelve years With regard to features and quality, these compete successfully with the world’s leading brands.
The five models of his new Energen range, whose outputs range from 3,300 W to 7,000 W, are equipped with Kiotsu motors that feature OHV technology and AVR system in their alternator outputs. The resultant voltage stability enables one to connect products that are sensitive to voltage changes (computers, sound equipment, televisions, etc…)
Because the tank and the muffler are integrated, these generators are more compact than traditional generators and therefore quieter.
A series system for the digital control of voltage, hours of operation, and frequency has been included in this range.
In conclusion, this is  a very competitive range that will help ironmongers improve their sales.

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