AYERBE gen sets for photovoltaic

The generator manufacturer AYERBE INDUSTRIAL DE MOTORES, S.A. He has been developing support generators for photovoltaic energy for two years. The production of photovoltaic energy is increasing and will experience a great boost during the next decade. It is expected to triple worldwide in the next twenty years. The objectives of the European Union are the use of 20% renewable energy by 2020.
AYERBE builds special cabins of hybrid generator sets to locate batteries and the inverter if necessary.
The standard non-bodied electric start generators combined with the AY-713 SIG starter box, allow to receive an external inverter signal for maintenance of the battery-accumulator set.
In the range of soundproof generators, both gasoline and diesel, automatic group control is included to receive the external signal. In the diesel groups, different sizes of tanks can be made according to the customer’s prescription.
Photovoltaic installations frequently use generators as support mechanisms, either to guarantee the power supply during long periods of bad weather, when the accumulation of solar radiation is lower, or to cope with punctual peaks of consumption.
In this way, the same benefits are maintained, since we continue to obtain most of the energy from a clean and renewable source, at the same time that we ensure the supply of electricity at all times thanks to the inclusion of the generator set in the system.

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