Photovoltaic Solar Energy is the result of converting sunlight into electricity. The installation of Solar Panels both in homes and in companies is advancing at a very high rate and it is expected that in a few years this energy will generate 25% of the total consumption on a global scale.
Ayerbe Industrial de Motores has been developing special generators for photovoltaic systems for several years.
The ranges of Gasoline generators at 3000 rpm, in open and soundproofed versions, allow installations up to 20 KVA, with independent control. In the range of diesel generator sets at 1500 rpm, the powers most requested by this market reach up to 40 KVA.
Given the rapid evolution of the renewable energy sector, Ayerbe includes an automatic control panel as an option that allows both the display of all the parameters of the group and of the installation.
In this type of system it is necessary to have the data at the moment, these options allow giving orders by telephone, by direct signal or controlling the data by means of a computer.
The generator set is a fundamental support element in any type of autonomous installation, or as a security element in solar farms, always maintaining a separate line for alarm control and surveillance cameras.
In the line of Soundproof Generators, a sound level close to 88 dB in sound power and 64 dB in sound pressure is obtained. These results have been obtained by combining a new design in the soundproof cabins, which is achieved by the size of the cabin, and the internal conduction of the air that provides one of the lowest noise levels in the European market, the evolution of this market of photovoltaic support demands increasingly adjusted sound levels.
It is important to adapt the generator set, by the installer, both in power and in daily hours of operation, to achieve optimum performance of the installation.

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